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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 4, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. 49ers brace for the loss, we will tell you why some people were arrested last night. a call to a fire turned into a crime scene in the south bay, we will give you a live report. it is cool and a quiet pattern, we'll see if we can find any rain in our extended forecast. >> it is all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning thank you for joining us on this monday morning, february 4th, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, do you think steve knows anything about the weather? >> we are counting on you steve. >> i think i do. we have some low clouds and fog around but it is coastal low
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clouds and fog but it will be a little bit sunny, mostly sunny, there is a pretty good system to the north and it is later in the north and we will get to that, it is mid-50s and lower 60s today. driving to the tunnel in walnut creek is a nice drive and also the morning commute looks good on the sunole grade heading to san jose, let's go to the desk. the 49ers came this close to pulling off the greatest come back in super bowl history but it is the baltimore ravens who are now the new champions of pro-football. [applauds] >> and the ravens have won it... >> reporter: at one point they led 28-6 and no team ever came back from more than a 10 point deficit to win the super bowl but the 49ers roared back in the second half and the thrilling rally ended five yards short less than two
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minutes to go and look at this play, right there, ravens won 34-31. oh, yeah, last night fireworks lit up the sky in many parts of san francisco, a lot of 49ers fans wanted to celebrate another 49ers win but after that tough loss, a lot of fans decided to celebrate, it is just a fantastic season for the 49ers and they are already looking forward to next year. well, thousands of 49ers fans packed san francisco bars to watch the game but police say there were some arrests after being mostly peaceful. alex is here to talk about crowd control effort. >> reporter: they did not use their disappointment to cause problems, only a handful of issues for police who were out in force prepared for potentially rowdy crowds and
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they were focused on hot spots and that includes here in the mission district where we have not seen much in the way of police activity, mostly just looking at street sweepers getting things cleaned up after folks were out last night. things are pretty quiet. there was a crushing loss to the ravens in super bowl 47 and the police department had three times as many officers out on the streets compared to an average sunday night. they did handle one situation where fans threw bottles at a police officer or several officers but police were able to get thing quickly under control there and in the end, san francisco police made 25 arrests for public intoxication and one person was arrested for trying to set something on fire near mission and 16th street. of course police were bracing for vandalism and violence similar to the celebrations that followed the giants world series victory and in a nearby
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pub, he thinks there was a silverling in the 49ers's loss. >> businesses were preparing for the worst but it's not as bad as they thought, so that is good. >> reporter: and all across the city police did report any significant problems throughout the night and found most fans behaving and we drove through the city early this morning and didn't see much in the way of police activity. the department did have more than 100 officers just incase there were issues following the super bowl and in fact as we come back out here live, there were a number of streets to prevent cars from cruising and also to control some of those crowds and all of those places have since reopened. we are trying to reach out and we are getting some updated figures and any arrests and i hope to have an update later this morning. we are live in san francisco,
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ktvu channel 2 morning news. well the super bowl was stopped after 34 minutes and it was just after the start of the first quarter when things suddenly went dark. sensing equipment detected what they called an abnormality. power outages reminded 49ers fans what happened here against the pittsburgh steelers, the lights went out twice at candle stick and pg&e took responsibility for the first outage and the city caused the switch failing causing the second. they are making plans for the 49ers at candle stick park coming up at 6:15. a call for smoke at a home led to the discovery of marijuana plants.
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how many did they pull out of there tara? >> reporter: there is a sign out front that says they have an in-house daycare so we will be doing more investigating but you can see there is quite a bit of debris in the driveway. the call came in just before midnight on the 500 block of scottville court. with so many plants, people who run grow houses will bypass the meter. the fire was started in the garage and was sparked by faulty wiring. >> we went upstairs and once we went upstairs we found more marijuana plants. we have since seized about 3 or 400 marijuana plants. >> reporter: nobody is in custody yesterday and this is a residential neighborhood and we will check with neighbors to see if they even knew there was agree house here. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2
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morning news. san francisco firefighters had a tough time fighting a fire because a house was jam packed with items of a hoarder. it may have been started by a candle and the red cross is now helping three people who were displaced and the investigation continues. a search for a missing man continues in santa rosa and he may be mentally ill. police were first alerted by a man acting strangely and he then ran into the park and was last seen by a mountain biker who said the man was stripped naked and was chanting. >> when confronted, he was talking in kind of a delusional state and made some odd comments so they called us to have him removed from the property and by the time we arrived on scene, the individual had left. >> now the man's family said he may be mentally ill.
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time now 5:06 parking meters are coming in the future and that means you will not have to carry a lot of change. they plan to upgrade all parking meters by this fall. right now they only accept coins and payment cards issued by the city but they will be replaced. now the city is making plans to accept several kind of payment an offer a variety of hourly rates. and checking in on the east bay, how is it looking sal? >> it is looking good and traffic is doing pretty well on interstate 880 and 24 and westbound 4, the whole thing and there are no problems on 80 coming out to the mcarthur maze. also the commute looks good if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza and no problems getting into san francisco so traffic time continues to look good. if you are driving to the san
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mateo that traffic looks good between 380 and 92 there is 9 minutes and there are no major problems on this commute, let's go to steve. there is a lot of coast and bay fog which was not the case last week. we are dealing with that and inland it is high and miss but there is a low cloud deck over us and it favors coastal areas but it is a dry pattern, some low clouds, 0 kind of a hazy pattern and in oakland 41, napa and fairfield as well, there is a lot over oakland and much of the bay as far as a cloud deck and there is a system to the north which is spinning higher clouds and that system may give some rain tuesday to mendocino north and i am looking more towards 60s.
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65 in novato, 65 in vallejo, and crocket and venetia, there is a little different pattern for antioch berkeley 57 and 58. today it is more of a westerly wind, even santa cruz has come way down. 50 daily city 59 woodside and palo alto and mountain view. increasing clouds wednesday, we will get some rain but this system has more cold than rain and he next weekend very breezy and cold in the morning. a change is coming to apple's manufacturing plant and what they are doing to change the bad publicity about their working conditions. the reason the white house released this photo of the president. we will tell you more about
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the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. time now 5:12, they released a photo of president barack obama shooting a gun. the president was asked recently if he had ever shot a gun and this picture shows that he has. in just over two hours, president barack obama flies to
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the midwest taking his gun safety of proposals on the road. kyla campbell reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, this is the first time he is pushing his plan outside of washington, kyla? >> reporter: president barack obama's trip starts in minnesota and he will meet with city police and other law enforcement officials before giving a speech on his gun safety proposals. officials have been studying ways to reduce gun violence for years and it's his first stop to win support for his proposals and he wants to limit views on the side of those on capitol hill. >> president barack obama has not done a good job with his relationship with congress. he is putting external pressure
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on them. >> he. >> reporter: he is not the only one putting pressure on them. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> east palo alto has a group called protect our children bay area, so far they have raised 30,000 dollars for that gun by back event -- buy back event. this will be held in east palo alto city hall. a woman found in istanbul suffered a fatal blow to the head. she was traveling alone and was reported missing on january 21st, the day she was supposed to fly home. more than a dozen people have been questioned in the case but most were released.
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a japanese diplomat will be sentenced on sexual violence charges. he has repeatedly attacked his wife and has been convicted of domestic violence and faces up to a year in jail. in china, they are trying to raise participation over bad publicity and poor working conditions. china makes apple's i pad and they have been complaining about the conditions at the work facilities and now they are allowing them to elect union rep tis. 49ers -- union rep tis. the so called dynamite spectacular could happen within weeks for the 49ers game next season. they plan to turn the candle
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stick site into a retail residential and office complex. warriors and the san francisco giants are reportedly working out their differences over plans over a new pro basketball arena and that's due in part to mayor ed lee acting as a immediate waiter -- mediator. they are planning on moving when their leasings buyers in oakland. giants are worried about traffic problems that were caused because it is so close to at&t park. muhammed ali's daughter is denying reports that he is near death. she said the boxing legend was watching the super bowl at home and was even wearing a jersey and they quoted him saying the former heavyweight champion was close to death. and they posted messages
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about a showdown between 49ers and ravens, more than 22 tweets were posted. we have posted the moment they generated the most tweets during the game. >> i think sal won that. >> you know, i had lunch with some of my friends at twitter on friday and they were expecting the busiest day ever. they were, woulding hard to make sure the thing didn't crash and it didn't. good morning, let's look at the commute on 880 westbound and it looks good, if you are driving i don't think you have anything to worry about, so far we are off to a good start. same thing with 880 north and southbound, right now it is calm and no problems on the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic
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on 101 looks good and traffic on san mateo is between 8 minutes and 9 minutes and on 85 in the south bay looks good as well. >> sal, it was the busiest super bowl for tweets. >> i'm sure and next year will be even busier. >> yes, it came across on twitter. we have a flip flop, water temperatures are cold, 49 degrees off bodega bay and tomorrow more fog, some inland fog, there is a lot more off the coast. we will get some rain out of it but also turning colder and there could be a little bit of rain tuesday, say ukiah north. today except for the coastal low clouds, we will have more fog on the coast than we do
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inland areas and some can be very thick. it is a dry pattern with some hazy sunshine and at oakland airport, a lot more 40s, even half-moon bay san francisco 39. most of it is driving north and extreme northern california will get some rain out of this system. watch how this line there settles in towards mendocino county and that will be tuesday and wednesday looks like another day of fog and sun and there is another system but there is not a lot of rain with this but we will have some cold air with it. monday morning hazy skies, the fog is not going anywhere for a while. around the bay a lot of low-to- mid 60s and we have more of a westerly breeze so the temperatures on the coast are really coming down and inland temperatures are bumping up a little bit. thursday we are bringing in
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some light rain, not a lot but a little bit and cold air especially towards friday and saturday. spain is reporting it's under employment problems are getting worse because of a corruption scandal. they ended the day with gains and japan's nikkei showed several good earnings reports. some are flipped over worries of continued growth and exports. checking in on our numbers, future point to a lower number and it may be good after gains on friday and you can see dow jones industrial average is up almost 150 points and starts day 14,000 and s&p 500 back above 1,500 so very good psychological marks for those indexes. they are being sued by two pension funds. they denied investments and
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agents for the fund were given a minimum of 42% and they are without merit and investors received above average. 521, a story, a lot of people are talking about a hitchhiker and they are stopping a hate crime, very unusual attack, he is making headlines all over the world. which super bowl commercial you won the big advertising battle duringment game.
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. welcome back, time now 5:24, a homeless man was sitting in a passenger seat of a truck when the driver announced he was jesus christ and ran over a pg&e worker because he was african- american. he pulled out a hatchet and started beating up on lockers. >> he tried to snap a woman's next like a pencil stick. >> the driver was arrested and he is facing charges. police in walnut creek made five arrests with a rash of problems over the weekend. two suspects were actually caught in the act after a homeowner reported storage sheds and vehicles were being broken into. after that, police responded to
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a call to macy's. two women ran out with items and were arrested after a short time at a traffic stop. and there was a super bowl showdown between the ravens and 49ers. there were 22 million tweets at the half-time show and 24 million reported on twitter. 25million were posted during the beyonce half-time show and there were 231,000 tweets in all. there were some big winners' ads with collides dale winning the top spot. the ad shows the unbreakable bond between a horse who grows up and his trainer won the ad's top spot but the humor in a --
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humor in a tide commercial made it a real horse race. two chrysler ads were also very popular with the viewers. 5:26 was the time, sal, what was your favorite? >> i like the taco bell with the old folks. >> my daughter said, that is disturbing. >> you know what, when an ad runs more than two minutes you can tell it was longer. >> but i was hooked, i was watching. we have a good commute incase you are trying to get out the door. this is always a nice commute unless something happens and i am here to tell you everything looks good in the santa clara valley and 101 is also doing well. from pleasanton to fremont is looking well and barring anything unusual we will be in
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good shape for the next few minutes, let's go to steve. we have patchy inland fog, we will have a few high clouds but we have 50s to lower 60s now. a young boy is still being held hostage in alabama by a gunman. how authorities are trying to keep him comfortable as they negotiate his release. gunfire breaks out leaving a teenager dead. we will show you what police think what happened. san francisco braces for the worst as fans pack the area to cheer for them, what police said about the crowds and their behavior ; that is coming up next. ♪
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and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! . well, good morning to you welcome back, this is monday february 4th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, time now 5:30 steve will we see any rain? >> the outlook is very dry, not very good, patterns change a little bit, there is more of a westerly breeze instead of an offshore breeze highs on the temperatures 50s and 60s but warmer temperatures inland. here is sal.
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traffic looks good and it looks good on doyle drive and crossing 237, let's go back to dave and pam. well, a big celebration... big celebration for ravens fans... [crowd noise]. >> this is what it looked like in baltimore after the ravens won the super bowl, very tight crowd out in the area. you can also see some fans and well, we can't see it there but they were actually dancing on top of some of the cars. police had to shut down traffic when others tried to tip some of the cars over. back here at home, san francisco police were bracing for rowdy crowds but it was relatively calm and here to talk about the extra police presence and the number of arrests, we have alex savage. alex?
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>> reporter: this is the area and hot spots where police were focused and in the mission district nothing materialized and a lot of businesses were bracing for vandalism and violence similar to what we saw following the giants' world series victory but it never happened. fans did not use this an excuse me to cause problems. here is what it looked like here in san francisco after the devastating loss to the ravens in super bowl 47. the department had a lot of officers, 100 extra officers on the streets last night. there was one situation where fans threw bottles at police but police quickly got the situation handled. in the end san francisco police made 25 arrests for public intoxication and there was one person arrested for trying to set something on fire near mission and 16th street.
5:35 am
police properred -- reported no significant problems and they from cruising in their cars around the blocks and to prevent crowds from forming in these areas and i can tell you all of those streets have since reopened and there were muni buses that had to be specifically rerouted and all lines are running as normal this morning. we did reach out to san francisco police and we are hoping to get an update on arrests and any other problems that may have developed overnight here in the city. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. quarterback collin kaepernick is the first to admit this was a heartbreaking loss to the 49ers but collin kaepernick almost pulled off the greatest come back in super bowl history. he led 42l1ndl0 half scoring drives threw a touchdown pass to michael crabtree and ran with that touchdown. it came up short the last couple of minutes of the game
5:36 am
and jim harbaugh blames the refs not the quarterback. >> the referees have some bias there and in my mind i would not be bringing it up if in my mind i didn't think it was obvious but that's not the way they saw it. >> the 49ers fans have a lot to be optimistic about and this is their 10th start. the harbaugh family knows how to throw a party and they set the stage for the ultimate sibelling rivalry. we will have more coming up. firefighters say a barbecue grill was to blame for a house fire. four people were in the home but managed to get out safely and nobody was hurt.
5:37 am
police say a deadly shooting in san jose may be gang related. janine de la vega is getting reaction from neighbors and this is the latest outbreak of violence in that area, jeanine? >> reporter: police are back at the station investigating and they have been here all along audubon drive in east san jose. the gunfire hit at least two cars in the neighborhood and one they have towed away and the other is right here in front of this house and you can see where the bullets hit it, you can see this minivan and where it is dented. they were close to an area when another group started shooting and one teenager died at the scene and the other was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. one neighbor heard the firing and ran outside. >> i saw a kid laying down on
5:38 am
the sidewalk, i seen him get shot and one neighbor came by and said, yeah he is dead and i was just like, wow! >> reporter: this is video taken in the last hour of police towing away one of the trucks that was hit by gunfire. police searched the neighborhood and spoke with people in the area and no suspects have been apprehended at this time. officers are still investigating a motive but they are looking to see if this shooting was gang related. back out here live you are looking atkins did i elementary school -- at kennedy elementary school and one of the teens was there and it is unclear if he was running and that's where he collapsed but there were plastic cups lying around here possibly from super bowl parties and we are unclear if any of these groups of teens
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were at all attending a party or if they were even from the area but we will continue talking to neighbors and find out more about what happened here. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, in alabama jimmy lee dykes is still holding a five- year-old boy hostage six days after he kidnapped the boy and killed a bus driver. jimmy lee dykes is holding the little boy in an underground bunker. he is letting them sends in medicine and snacks for the little boy and funeral services for the driver was held yesterday. jim kerry will introduce himself and they made connections with leaders around the world. he made phone calls to israeli and palestinians leaders assuring them they will continue to pursue a middle east peace agreement and he also spoke with his
5:40 am
counterparts in japan, turkey and mexico. he was sworn in on friday. vice-president joseph biden is in paris for a meeting and this is video of the president and vice-president joseph biden arrived in france in morning. it is part of a european tour and he flies to england later today and he will meet with david cameron later today. happy anniversary facebook. nine years ago today what was once the largest social network was launched at harvard. he made facebook in 2004 and then stamford and yale were also invited in. today there are 1 million facebook account helders all over the work -- holders all over the bay. we are looking at the
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crossings, bay bridge, there is a little bit of a delay driving up to the pay gates for some of those drivers and there may be a two minute delay. same thing for san mateo bridge, it is foggy and i know it is foggy because the camera we normally see is fogged in because we can't see it and the fog is in san francisco for sure. the this morning -- this morning's commute is looking good on the bay shore freeway and they are starting off with no major problems. let's go to steve. well a little bit of a change here. water temperatures upper 40s and 50s and the morning fog shows a low cloud deck and we have a combination of the two with coast and bay and we have not seen that in awhile. we will turn colder and there
5:42 am
could be a little bit of rain in mendocino county and there is a whopper of a system which is not favorable for us but it is favorable near the orinda border and near crescent city and eureka. that low cloud deck is slow to burn off and instead of it being inland, it is back over coast and bay and it has moved locally coast and bay and last week, it was opposite. now we have more of a westerly wind and it is still a dry pattern and there is still a big increase in low clouds. 51 at oakland airport. it also says fog a couple of upper 30s and there is a lot of moisture in the air and that will bring us a hazy pattern today. you can see this system coming in. it just washes over mendocino
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county. there is not a lot of rain but we will get a little bit out of it. hazy skies, coastal fog is not going anywhere. low 60s for many. 58 now, oakland and brentwood, that was a complete break of what was over by the coast. inland temperatures are coming up because of the fog and it is cooling down a little bit. not much change, some rain is coming in but early friday, i think the cold air is the story some of it looks okay but it is not going to be that warm. a decision made following an airport altercation in vegas. what may have caused a deadly crash in southern california. at the toll plaza, we have a little bit of a delay with drive times and we will give you the fog outlook for your
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morning commute.
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. we are mostly sunny today, warmer inland, here is dave. police in san jose are investigating a marijuana grow house discovered while battling a garage fire around midnight. reportedly around 400 marijuana plants were found inside a home in scottville and so far no arrests have been made. they discovered 49 public inn objection to cakes after the 49ers lost and despite in police say it was mostly quiet.
5:47 am
president barack obama will be trying to rally gun control laws and this will be the first time he is outside of washington d.c. pushing his proposals. investigators say it appears a break problem caused a bus to collide with a pickup truck and the accident sent 38 people to the hospital. the bus was carrying a tour group from tijuana. >> the passenger side of the bus is significantly damaged and that's where a lot of the debris was thrown from. >> reporter: highway 38 leads to big bear which is a popular area for skiing as well. former president bill clinton will be leading a service for mayor ed koch who died at 88 years old. this morning they will gather
5:48 am
at manhattan's temple emanuel. mayor bloomberg is also said to be speaking later. they want your help into the investigation of a strangling death of a 13-year- old girl. police are now questioning people near the park where the make it considered body of the -- make kid body of the girl was found. they are also asking people with information about the little girl's whereabouts were to please come forward. the foster home reported her missing thursday. romo will not be prosecuted in a vegas airport bust after all. he was arrested after he allegedly became angry an aggressive with a tsa act in las vegas and witnesses claim he was under the influence. according to the district attorney's office, romo will
5:49 am
not be charged because of a lack of prosecution resources. pro-football's biggest game set the stage for the ultimate sibelling rivalry. it was the first time they faced each other in a major championship game. in the end it was the older brother john who came out on top of jim. >> congratulations. i am proud of him. >> i have so much respect for him and i look up to him in so many ways. >> both brothers are complaining that the media hype over the half bar bowl was a big distraction leading up to the game. >> they decided to pull alex smith and replaced him with collin kaepernick. coming up, we will tell you what the 49ers have planned for smith now that the season is over. >> very interesting, pam. let's bring sal back, you know
5:50 am
about the golden gate bridge, how is it doing? >> traffic looks good on southbound 101 coming through southern marin and the fog is now along the coast in san francisco in some areas. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge although we are getting more of a crowd now and traffic continues to move along nicely. if you are driving on northbound 101 getting to san jose, that commute is off it a good start. thank you steve, we have upper water temperatures 40s and 50s and still some inland fog, mostly sunny kind of hazy, thursday and friday we will have light rain and it will be more of a colder system than a rainy system, if you people e- mail me, i have 10 to 15 days kind of promising. it is a long way off and after
5:51 am
thursday things look quiet. 51 degrees in oakland walnut creek yet there is a lot of low 40s in napa santa rosa, 40l1sl0 san jose, 49 in half-moon bay and some of their low cloud deck means their temperatures have cooled off on the high side in the 50s. we may have light rain in mendocino county but more clouds than anything else. inland fog but most coastal fog. 50s and 60s so temperatures which were warm by the beaches are cooling off and inland temperatures are coming up a couple of degrees. we will increase clouds thursday bringing in some rain not a lot. one more system rotates around on friday and that will usher in colder air and we will take that to the weekend which will be sunny but it will be jacket weather. there is a new twist, jets
5:52 am
have been grounded after two fires involving the batteries but we have learned the batteries can be carried on board as cargo. pilots say if the batteries are too dangerous, they are too risky to be shipped as cargo. they are introducing the fish bites and that includes seven peal pieces of cod and john mcdonalds -- mcdonald's plans to keep them on the menu even for the entire month. they are introducing pizza sliders and they can be ordered with different toppers and they come in a box of $95 and a box of -- a box of 9, which will be $5 and a box of five which will
5:53 am
be $3. we will have more on why this may be good for certain traverse, we will he can -- travelers. we will explain. we will find out what beyonce announced for the bay area. stay tuned. ñw?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. . good morning, a lot more
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fog around, 30s and 40s to near 5 ross on the -- 50s on the lows and 60s for the highs. come on, baby its you... music... >> that is beyonce with the super bowl performance and it comes two weeks after being criticized for lip-sinking. she sang a lot of her null and she also reunited with her -- she sang her old song and reunited with destiny's child and she will be performing in san jose july 22nd. now what is next for quarterback alex smith. there are a lot of reports he will be traded and if he is, his old team will have to pay
5:57 am
$8.5 million in 2014 and give the 49ers something of value. they will possibly keep him out of their division. new information on last thursday's explosion at the oil company headquarters. three more bodies were found in the rubble over the weekend raising the death toll to 136. 120 people were injured in that blast and one person is still missing. the explosion happened in the basement of the building but the cause is still not known. the explore tore yum is move -- explore tore yum, the exhibition is available for rent. whoever moves in will have to pay for renovations and that could cost millions of dollars. the architect says the roof needs to be replaced and the interyour needs to be upgrade -- interior needs to be
5:58 am
upgraded. it happened in different neighborhoods and sheriff's are investigating whether vandalism is connected to recent crimes in the area. so far there have been no or roasts for car thefts and vandalism. they are planning on adding nonstop service and up until now have gin america -- virgin america has only flown out of fso. they are add being flights out of fso and they are bringing 50 new jobs to the area. we are looking at a decent commute on northbound 280 as you get to highway 17, it is looking good and getting up to the valley on 101 still looks good. now the morning commute on the sunole grade southbound 680 and
5:59 am
580 getting to livermore to dublin is also off to a good start. the search for answers after a home goes up in flames, what firefighters found inside and why hoarders may be to blame. plus a heartbreaking site as 49ers watched, baltimore ravens are the new champs of pro-football and we will bring you a live report from new orleans. good morning, the fog is closer to the coast and bay and we will have a report on temperatures in two minutes. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein


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